Why women love wine more than men?

Why Women Love Wine More Than Men?

If you turn on any of the popular shows on TV, you would get to see women sipping wine either happily or thoughtfully out of the long-stemmed crystal made glasses. Previously, it was thought that the wine was only reserved for the highbrow gourmet, but by breaking the stereotype, wine has become a common liberation these days. Wine is also readily accessible as well as harmless in nature. Besides, research has also proved that wine also has loads of health benefits.

Previously, men used to drink wine to represent their freedom to disregard their responsibilities at home or work. At the same time, drinking was not that appropriate for women due to the domestic duties they perform.

But at the present time, drinking wine has almost become the part of work culture. Besides, consumption of wine has also become the equal opportunity pursuit. But studies have proved that at the recent time, the rate of drinking wine in women has increased almost seven times than men.


Women and wine – the sweet and eternal relationship:

For different women, wine means different things. Often women prefer it as wine makes them feel beautiful or wine helps them to open up or to calm down or to connect with the peers. In most of the cases, the emotional connection of women to wine is really positive, but as with any other substance, there is also a darker part of the daily rite. And women don’t hesitate to declare that the habit of kicking back wine is really harmless and also unquestionably more socially acceptable.

Evidence also shows that drinking wine is really beneficial for women as it helps to reduce the chance of heart disease, breast cancer while helps to increase memory and sex functioning and it also aids in longer lifespan. Additionally, most of the women also consider that spending their evenings with a bottle of wine is an appropriate and safe way to take the edge of the stress of the day.

Over the past few decades, most of the female writers have discussed the manner win has helped women to get through the day, mainly while the day includes a wide number of tasks, pressure, and roles to complete with a smile on their face.

Women in the high-pressure jobs are more prone to drink wine, but it is actually hard to untangle whether the reason behind it is the attempt to keep pace with the drinking culture in the office, or to search for the fun and relief from the hectic schedule of the jobs or if they have the income to spend on the expensive cocktails.


Why do women love wine?

From the happy hours and the stress of the holiday office parties to the question of which types of physical and mental health risks women mostly place themselves at by having one or two glasses of the seemingly harmless fruit of the vine, it is really clear that there are actually numerous benefits of having wine for women.

So, it can be said that most of the women prefer wine and this is also because of the good reasons. Whether it is bitter or sweet, wine is actually a great companion. Women also consider wine as the classiest drink ever. The best thing about wine is that unlike other alcohol types, it doesn’t keep one in the loo for a long time on the next day. Not only that, but wine is also amazing for those people, who prefer a happy high and not an extreme drunkenness. Apart from all these, there are also some other reasons why women mostly prefer wine than men.


Here are some of the reasons:

  1. It helps one to avoid all the badly unhealthy aerated drinks that are mainly used in other types of alcohol. Therefore doctors also recommend wine over any other type of alcohol.
  2. Wine is mainly the extract of grapes. Therefore, you can consider it as a fermented fruit juice. And no fruit is bad for health.
  3. Wine is the most elegant type of alcohol. Whether in a bottle or a glass, wine can actually boost up your style quotient right away.
  4. As per the scientific studies, red wine is actually good for the heart.
  5. Red wine can be consumed as a dessert, main course or as the appetizer.
  6. One of glass is similar to hitting one hour of time at the gym. It means, in case you want to shed more, then you can drink more than 1 peg.
  7. Wine never makes you feel bloated no matter how much you drink. Therefore, you will like to have more.
  8. Wine can be considered as the liquid form of some comfort food.
  9. The taste of wine is completely different from the taste of tequila, vodka or rum. It actually tastes yummy
  10. Wine is really versatile. So, you can have it for a celebration, for a break-up, a night out, a night in and actually for every possible thing.
  11. There are a lot of wine types available in the world. In fact, no other alcohol type has so many variations.
  12. The best thing about wine is that people can drink it a lot without being drunk or without being alcoholic. This is also one of the reasons why women prefer wine.
  13. Last but not least, it is possible for one to spend a field day with wine bottles and corks.


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