Inside a Winemakers Life…

We all know that Winemaking takes a certain level of expertise, knowledge, and most of all…passion. Long days of harvesting turns into endless hours in the cellar preparing for this year’s wine production. If you have ever had the chance to step into a Winemakers lab, you will find all kinds of mechanisms that turn those little grapes into something magically delicious. But what does a Winemaker do when he isn’t making wine? We asked our Winemakers a few questions and here were their responses…

Where do you go for your post-harvest vacation?
To the coast for 3 or 4 days

What is your favorite thing about Winter?
Nothing, I prefer sunshine and outdoor activities 

What do you find the hardest part of Winter?
Being stuck inside

What are your go-to cold-weather snacks?
Butternut, coconut, and curry soup

What are your music choices around the cellar during cellar season?
Either old country or classic rock

Where do you go for your post harvest vacation?
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What’s your favorite beverage to drink the winter?
I make my own Soy Milk (hot) or a Greyhound with Absolute Ruby Grapefruit vodka and fresh squeezed Grapefruit 

Are you doing anything different in the cellar this winter? 
YES, keep your eye out for new and exciting things to come!

What’s your favorite thing about winter?
Spring is coming

What do you find the hardest part about winter?
Worrying about the creek rising, scouring and losing more of my backyard

How do you and your staff beat the winter blues?
Just keep on bottling, so we don’t see how miserable it might be outside

What makes your tasting room cozy this time of year?
An overstuffed brown leather couch within eyesight of the tasting bar…”can I have another glass of outstanding Pinot please!?”


Cheers to all the Winemakers that make wine so desirable…life wouldn’t be possible without you!