Help Get Ricky to the Boston Marathon!

Take yourself back to 1965 when Eola Hills’ Founder, Tom Huggins was running side by side Steve Prefontaine. The two were legendary runners to watch. Tom said, “Nobody ever beat him, except me. Nobody ever beat me, except him,” and that pretty much sums it up. The two went off on their own paths after running together but maintained a friendship up until we lost Prefontaine in a tragic accident. However, if you ever visit Eola Hills, you will know their story and passion for running forever lives on.  

Today, we have Ricky Mendez, age 29 who will be representing Eola Hills in the 2018 Boston Marathon. He is the new Eola Hills legendary runner, the one who maintains the Eola Legacy. If you are ever passing our vineyards, you may see Ricky running through the vines. While everyone else sits and takes their breaks, Ricky uses this time to get a run in. He does this whenever he can, rain or shine, before sun up and even after sun down.  

Here is what Ricky has to say about his adventure thus far, “I am a runner and have been a runner for as long as I can remember. It is what I was born to do. I was an all-star runner from middle school through college, winning several championships in cross country and track. But that’s not why I run. I run because that is where I feel the most free, and the most growth as a person. I also run because I believe I can make a difference through running. I want to help others and inspire them to follow their hearts. Two of my favorite things in life are running and helping others. With faith and a lot of hard work, I have come a long way in just a few short years, and I believe this is only the beginning. I took a break after college, and it took me a while to realize that I want to dedicate my life to running. 

I grew up as part of the Eola Hills family, and it has been amazing to work in a place I love so much. I feel very blessed to still be part of the Eola Hills family, and to have their support while I pursue my passion of running.”

Help us get Ricky to Boston and represent Oregon! As a runner, no expenses are paid for…That means no travel, no hotels, no gear…Ricky tries his best to make ends meet so he can pursue his passion, but that only goes so far! Together, let’s raise his goal amount of $10,000 so he can continue to run and fulfill his life’s passions without stress and worry. Let’s provide Ricky with all the means to travel (run) around representing Oregon!


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