Eola Hills Wins Gold in Marriott Gold Standard 2018-2019 Wine List!

Eola Hills Wine Cellars is proud to announce that the La Creole Reserve Pinot Noir will be offered around the country in the “W” and “JW” Marriott hotels.

“With over 7000 wines originally submitted to be tasted by the Marriott group, Eola Hills was truly honored to be a part of the blind tasting of over 700 wines. As a result, Eola Hills was selected to be a part of the Marriott Gold Standard Wine List for the Marriott W and JW properties. We are looking forward to sharing our Oregon wines with people around the country. We thank our partners Royal Comfort[royalcomfortdistributors.com] and Heritage Link Brands [heritagelinkbrands.com] for giving us the opportunity and guiding us through the process.” said Eola Hills’ Founder and Owner Tom Huggins.

At Eola Hills, we believe in making quality and authentic wines that showcase the fruit and where it comes from. “The right vines, rich soil, and proper climate are the basis for our excellence. The French call it “terroir. We call it Oregon.” said Winemaker Steve Anderson.

“We’re excited to partner with Eola Hills Wine Cellars for this opportunity,” said Founders and Owners Mei and Mark Wong of Royal Comfort. “Eola Hills has been a great partner for the past severalyears and has been an integral part in expanding our national efforts within China and surrounding areas.