Croatia Travel Blog Update #4

Croatia Travel Blog Update #4

Hello Eola Travelers!

Less than three weeks and coming fast!


Here are some more bits of information that you might find helpful/interesting.

While in Venice, check with the Hotel Carlton concierge desk for side trips to:

–  Murano – “The Glass Island of Venice”

–  Burano – “The Colored Island of Lace”

Vessels to these islands, it is our understanding, leave right from the hotel docks, periodically thru the day.




Google the following if you want:

  • “Crawling Thru Venice’s Cicchetti Pubs”
    1. Vino Vero is a good one.  This was recommended by a couple who now resides in Oregon; however, they used to live in Venice!
    2. Kathy and I will be attempting to go there if any of you want to join us.
  • “Travel with a money belt: your portable safe”, by Rick Steves

Another local friend used to live in Split, Croatia and said to visit “the top of the hill” for the best cup of coffee.  We’ve also been told that the marina and water front areas are “happening” places around Split and the islands.

Really, all of these suggest that lots can be discovered with a little exploration.

Be sure to check our website for any updates on the trip.  Follow the link:

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See you all soon!


Jim & Kathy, Steve & Nancy, Tom & Debbie

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