Croatia Travel Blog Update #2

Croatia Travel Blog Update #2

March 24, 2017

Hello Italy/Croatia Travelers:

Hope all of you are as excited as we are for our upcoming trip to Italy and Croatia!  Can you believe it, less than a month away.

We wanted to remind you of the upcoming bon voyage party at the winery that will preview the trip, as well as update all of you on any important travel items.

The Bon Voyage Party is set for April 8th, at 4pm, at Eola Hills Wine Cellars, in the barrel room of the new addition.

We have a couple of requests of you…. 

To expedite check-in at our various hotels, email the following to Tom please:

  • Passport #’s for each traveler
  • Your first, middle and last names

To assist us in planning for your transfer from the airport to hotel in Venice, please send (Tom) the following:

  • Date and time of arrival
  • Airline and flight #
  • If you want to get to Hotel Carlton (Venice) on your own, see below for helpful directions.

Tom will be sending out a final itinerary including hotel information, cruise vessel room assignments and other helpful information.  Tom & Debbie Huggins, Steve & Nancy Anderson and Jim & Kathy Huggins will each host one of the cruise vessels.   

There has been some chatter regarding Visa requirements for Croatia.  As of this writing, neither Croatia nor Italy requires a Visa.  Both require Passports.  Helpful websites for you to frequent are:

Simple directions – 
Marco Polo Airport, Venice. To Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal

Exit the airport and watch for signs Water Taxi/Alilaguna/ Vaporetto (these are all the same thing). It should be a hard left from the outer doors of the airport.

Most of the way is a covered walkway and may be painted in red and white paint marked with direction to Water Taxi/Vaporetto 

Linea Arancio or Orange Line, also know as the A line
with stops at Fondamente Nove (night only), Madonna Dell’Orto, Guglie, San Stae, Rialto, Sant’Angelo, Ca’ Rezzonico, and Santa Maria del Giglio on its way to San Marco Giardinetti. (This is the line to use if you’re staying along the Grand Canal.)

  • Purchase in the airport or at the water taxi terminal a one way ticket on the orange (Arancio) line.
  • Catch the ·  Alilaguna Linea Arancio airport boats, Second or third stop at Guglie

  • Exit at Guglie water stop
  • Turn to the right and walk to the bridge ahead
  • Cross the bridge, it is on the right as you approach.
  • Follow on and into the large square, cross to the right and look for the long straight passage to the right. Rio Tera Lista di Spagna.
  • Move forward until you reach the next bridge over the canal on your left and cross over.
  • Turn right along Grand Canal, move forward, pass the large Church, state capitol looking building, Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal is 3 bldgs ahead on the Left.

Again, Tom, Steve and Jim will try to keep you posted between now and travel with important and helpful information.  We hope all of you can make it to the Bon Voyage Party on April 8th, where lots of information will be presented, as well as giving us a chance to meet one another before our trip begins and enjoy some fine wine!

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have specific concerns or questions.  Here is our contact information:

Tom Huggins –

Steve Anderson –

Jim Huggins –

Looking forward to see you all on April 8th or in Venice!

Warm Regards,

Tom, Steve and Jim

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