Croatia Travel Blog #3

Croatia Travel Blog #3

Hello again everyone!

Just another reminder to send Steve your RSVP’s to the Bon Voyage Party.  40 signed up so far!

Also, there are still a few of you who need to send us your arrival time, date, flight # into Venice.  We’ll try to, if possible, coordinate transfers to the Hotel Carlton in Venice. Along with this information, we’d like your passport #’s and your FULL names. This may speed up hotel registration, we’ve been told!

I hope you have been checking the links that we’ve sent you.  Lots of helpful information on them.  The weather in Venice has been in the mid 60’s; Spit, Croatia, in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.  Mid to upper 60’s to mid 70’s in Trento, Italy.  Periodic showers as well.  Be sure to bring your wind breakers (thanks Duncan!) and a light rain jacket, as you will likely need them, especially if the winds come up on the cruise.  Pack accordingly!

I (this is Jim writing) have been interested in the water temperature in the Adriatic (Kathy and I like to ocean swim and snorkel).  For April in Split, the water temp is a brisk 60 degrees.  Compared to Hawaii, in the winter time, water temps are 75-80 degrees.  So, prepare for a shock when you jump in!

Please check with the TSA and your airlines for any questions you may have regarding checked luggage, carry-ons and any medications/supplies you may need en route.

The following is a link that, if you desire, you can use to get updated on Croatia Visa requirements.  Again, as of now, none are required, although subject to change.  If anyone has heard definitively, please communicate this back to us.

I might add that Rick Steves is very knowledgeable on European travel, all aspects, so Google his name and he is a wealth of information.  He even has specifics on our particular destinations.

Looking forward to seeing and meeting you at the party on the 8th


Best regards,

Jim Huggins

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